Toronto Mayor: Rob Ford


Rob Ford has has been in the news worldwide for his questionable behaviour and possibly illegal activity.

The leading argument supporting him is that no charges have been laid against him and he is therefor innocent. Many can see where the circumstantial evidence points and that’s why you see many citizens, and every single Toronto newspaper rallying against Rob Ford. The media and citizens can make judgement calls on circumstantial evidence and have opinions of guilt. However the justice system rightfully requires outright proof of guilt and currently any evidence against Rob Ford is circumstantial.

Regardless, Rob Ford has lost support of the people, the media, and the worldwide opinion of him. It’s time for him to step away from his position as mayor or have his power removed in any legal way possible if he won’t step down.

Rob Ford’s suspected but unproven crimes:

Drunk Driving

Rob Ford drove himself to the Taste of the Danforth event. A recording started shortly after he got out of his car shows him very drunk and Rob Ford himself has stated that “I shouldn’t have went down to the Danforth inebriated”. He has in the past been charged with drunk driving.

Logical conclusion: Rob Ford was drunk driving. A minute after he got out of his car he was drunk.
Possibility of innocence: He could have driven to the Danforth sober. Sat in his car and drank (which yes is technically illegal anyway), and then got out of his car. Yes it’s unlikely, but it’s possible.

Doing Drugs

Rob Ford has stated even recently that “I don’t use drugs. I drink.”. However back in August when asked about marijuana he also stated “I’ve smoked a lot of it”. There is also a video of Rob Ford in a crack house with a crack pipe. Update: Ok he said he smoked crack cocaine

Logical conclusion: Rob Ford does crack cocaine.
Possibility of innocence: He could have been smoking marijuana out of the crack pipe. Yes it’s unlikely, but it’s possible. As far as marijuana goes, the police would be mocked for charging anyone in power with marijuana possession. It’s verging on being an acceptable drug.

Distracted Driving

Rob Ford was photographed reading while driving on a highway.

Logical conclusion: Rob Ford was distracted driving.
Possibility of innocence: Okay no. This one he admitted. “I try to catch up on my work and you know keep my eyes on the road but I’m a busy man”

Assisting Known Criminals, Supporting the Drug Trade

Peter Payman has been charged with assaulting a peace officer, assaulting his brother, and breaking and entering. He was recruited by Rob Ford to work with a highschool football team, fired by the principal for an altercation with a student, and then returned the next year at the request of Rob Ford. Peter was able to get past the police reference checks by supplying fake names.

Alessandro Lisi has been arrested and charged with drug-trafficking, extortion, and assult. The police have multiple pictures of Lisi and Rob Ford meeting in secluded parking lots and exchanging packages and Rob Ford has called a Lisi a friend and vouched for Lisi’s “being on the straight and narrow” in the past.

Peter is also suspected of assaulting the owner of the crack cocaine video on behalf of Lisi and by association Rob Ford.

Rob Ford is also suspected of paying for the utilities at the known crack house the 3 of them have frequented.

Logical conclusion: Okay seriously, drag trade, extortion, threats, giving fake names to the police. Massive drug conspiracy revolving around the mayor of the city.
Potential innocence: Rob Ford could have not known anything about his associates past. There’s nothing illegal about meeting in secret to exchange things. There’s no proof of Rob Ford paying for the utilities at the crack house, he could have just been following up on a call from a citizen about water issues.

Hacking, Destroying of Evidence, Obstruction of Justice

Ford is quoted off the record as saying not to worry about the crack video because he knew where it was. The video was later recovered off a phone that is had been deleted off of. Rob Ford’s staff were required to hand over their emails to police but there’s a 4 day gap of zero emails beginning the day after the initial crack video news. There are emails between Ford’s administration and a hacker outlining attempts to hack into a file hosting website and delete the video.

Logical conclusion: The video was tracked down on request of Rob or Doug Ford and destroyed. Some emails that could be used against them were deleted before handing over the emails to police.
Potential innocence: There’s no proof of Doug Ford saying they knew where the video was. It’s possible there was just actually zero emails sent by Rob Ford’s office for 4 days. The emails with the hacker could be fake and the Mayors Office has no record of them.

Things that aren’t criminal but are still wrong:

Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment

The councillor Paul Ainslee voted against the Scarborough subway system Rob Ford proposed and Ford then [robo-]called every single citizen in Paul’s ward telling them that Paul did not have their best interest in heart.

Rob Ford was accused by Sarah Thompson of groping her and making inappropriate comments.

Helping lead a witch hunt to fire anyone in the city found sleeping on the job.

Accused of threatening and assaulting his wife.

Called Gloria Lindsay Luby as “a joke,” “a waste of time,” and “a waste of skin.”.

Called a colleague a “slithering snake”.

Screams “I’m so fucking mad at you right now” at a Sun reporter.

Lying, Lying…and some more lying

Thrown out of a Maple Leafs hockey game for getting into drunk arguments. When questioned on it, said he “wasn’t even at the game.” Later said he was and was sorry for his behaviour.

“You know I wasn’t drunk at the Garrison Ball”. Asked to leave ball for drunken behaviour.

“I cannot comment on a video that I have never seen or does not exist.” Video now confirmed to exist by chief of police.

Denied being arrested for pot possession in Florida until it was proven that he was.

“There has been a serious accusation from the Toronto Star that I use crack cocaine. I do not use crack cocaine”. Later admits “I have smoked crack cocaine”.

Not Very Politically Correct

“If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably, that’s bottom line.”
Argument while at hockey game resulted in him calling others “communists”
“Those Oriental people work like dogs … they sleep beside their machines,” he said. “The Oriental people, they’re slowly taking over … they’re hard, hard workers.”

Kicked out, over and over

Asked to leave a gala for drunken behaviour.
Asked to leave a hockey game for drunken behaviour.
Asked to leave Bier Market for drunken behaviour.

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