Discovering Ontario – Week 1


Day 1 – bird houses and tree houses

Location: GTA – Picton – Kingston – Lanark

We started the exploration of unique Ontario locations by heading out to Prince Edward county, a not quite island by Belleville. It wasn’t part of our plan but of course we had to stop first at the Big Apple for a pie.

Next was our actual first destination, the Picton Birdhouse city. A collection of hundreds of birdhouses shaped like famous landmarks, and replicas of buildings in town.

Then we attempted to follow the highway through to Kingston and the highway unexpectedly ended at a government run ferry that we had to take to continue on the highway.

A quick stop in Kingston for lunch.

And then a night in a modern treehouse out on the edge of the Mississippi river (no relation to the one in the US).

Day 2 – war and prison

Location: Lanark – Mississippi Mills – Carp – Ottawa

Day 2 again started with an unexpected side stop at the gorgeous Mississippi mills. A very small village filled with waterfalls.

Next we made it to the edge of Ottawa to explore a massive cold war era underground bunker.

Finally we make it in to Ottawa, spend the day exploring the city, and find a nice charming jail cell to stay the night in.

Day 3 – hidden in plain sight

Location: Ottawa – Gatineau

Day 3 was spent hitting the major locations around Ottawa. Parliament, the Mint, the Art Gallery, and the Nature Museum just across the water in Quebec.

And the day wrapped up with finding the 4 of the top 20 geocaches in Ontario that were all located in Ottawa (SPOILERS) before heading to a friends for a night of boardgaming.

Day 4 – lets get home

Location: Ottawa – Smith Falls – Cornwall – Kingston – GTA

And finally, back home to the GTA with a few side stops. The Lost Villages memorial (towns purposely flooded to make way for a large unified Saint Lawrence seaway), and a Bird Sanctuary filled with migrating Canadian geese stopping quickly for food.

Bonus: Day 5 – exploring Toronto

Location: Toronto

We arrived home just in time for the all night Nuit Blanche art festival, this year featuring a laser powered rainbow!

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