Odd Technology Issues of 2016


Nexus 4 Blinking Red Light of Death

All phones show 0% battery and turn off if they drop below 20% of the batteries actual charge as a battery protection feature. However this shutdown is triggered by the Android OS, not a hardware feature, and thus it only happens once Android has fully booted up.

We ran into an issue where we tried to turn on the Nexus 4 when it was almost dead and Android took 20+ minutes to start while preparing all the apps, resulting in the phone battery completely dying.

Apparently if you let your Nexus 4 completely run out of battery it simply isn’t able to recharge itself and you get nothing but a blinking red light while plugged in, even if you leave it charging for days. I tried removing the battery, holding volume keys+power, and charging with different chargers but nothing would make the battery charge.

Weird Solution:
The only thing that finally allowed the phone to charge was to use a wireless charging mat. A few minutes on the charging mat and the phone turned on without issue and I could then switch to USB charging.

MBR breaks after installing Autodesk, AutoCAD or Solid Edge

This year we installed Ubuntu and Windows on the same machine as a dual-boot image. We started running into an issue where if users ran Autodesk, AutoCAD, or Solid Edge their machine would no longer boot (got stuck in a boot loop).

Weird Cause of Issue:
Autodesk, AutoCAD, and Solid Edge use some really terrible anti-piracy tools that add custom code to the MBR so that it can track software installs even if Windows is re-installed. On a dual-boot system the MBR changes that the software makes instead corrupts the MBR.

We didn’t find a solution other than going back to a VM for Ubuntu instead of a dual-boot.

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