Your Digital Home


I want a space that is mine.

It’s completely fine to go out to restaurants, parks, bars (well maybe not bars) to interact with others. Common meeting grounds have their uses. You interact, have fun, and then head back to your personal space. Back to your home where you store everything that’s important to you. Sure you may store your book bags in a school locker or your money at a bank but the majority of what’s important to you is stored in your home.

Yet when you go online you chose the opposite approach and stay out in the common meeting grounds of Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media websites and never leave. You leave your photos, your thoughts, your conversations, and the majority of your digital selves in this common area.

But the common areas are controlled. You’re handed rules and restrictions that dictate how you are required to use the common spaces. How you interact, how you express yourself. Facebook changes their design and you’re confused about how to access and protect your own personal data. WordPress decides to ban your blog with barely any notice and you lose your stories.

There’s convenience in interacting in the public space but as with the real world it’s nicer to have a personal place.

A home, where things only change when you wish them to,
that gives you complete freedom of expression to represent yourself how you wish,
where you can store your stuff without fear of it going missing,
where you feel safe.

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