This site contains most of the games and programs I have made so far that have made it far enough into completion to be playable. They are basically listed in chronological order as I rarely go back to an old language once I've started a new one. However a few Java programs are missing and are likely lost forever due to a hard drive meltdown.

I tend to get bored, annoyed, decide the game sucks, or get distracted by a new project before fully completing them. So almost all of them are glitchy or not complete. Plus the code for many of them is lost now so I can't even finish them. But there they all are at least to try for a few minutes.

Current Projects:

  • Sudoku
  • Remaking MMM again in a new programming language since the flash code is lost and it makes for a very good way to learn a language
  • Asshole (the card game)
  • A simple maze generator/game