Hardware Mods

Physical Builds

  • Hive Print and Play – using a floor tile as a playing piece base
  • Custom Hammock Stand – first woodworking project

Android Apps

  • Shower Thoughts Live Wallpaper – Live Wallpaper pulling data from Reddit
  • Flick Note – Simplenote client
  • MyMarket – track apps published through the Android Developer Console
  • DroidTropes – app for browsing TVTropes
  • Kidd GBC – ported Gameboy Color Emulator to Android
  • Facebook Chat – Facebook Chat client
  • Facebook Contact Sync – syncs contact info with their Facebook profiles
  • Falling Letters – quick and simple typing game

PC Applications

  • XE – Custom secure Linux exam environment (Partial: designed the web interface and exam management)


  • PrivateSocial – Sync your private Google+ posts with the same friends on Facebook
  • UOIT IT Support – IT website for the University of Ontario (Partial: help with overall design and some pages)

iGoogle Applications

Facebook Apps

jQuery Plugins

Greasemonkey Scripts

PC Games (Mostly old Highschool projects)


  • Pong – simple Pong clone
  • Breakout – Breakout clone with some bosses and powerups thrown in
  • Pacman – Pacman clone with a level editor
  • Tron – Tron clone with a large amount of configuration



  • Avix – multiplayer Asteroids clone
  • Sudoko – simple Sudoku puzzle game

Misc Stuff

  • Personalities – experimenting with highlighting parts of image maps/analyzing my friends personalities

Personal Websites

  • Revo Fora – My main blog (mostly computer related solutions and personal projects)
  • Kidd’s Games – All the PC games I’ve made
  • Teragadgets – My Android applications
  • UOIT Guidebook – A finished design but abandoned website meant to document my University’s campus